The traces of modern lines and classical design concept complement each other in each ARCEO product. FEA strength simulations, assembly controls and weight optimization studies are carried out simultaneously on the 3D design designed with CATIA programs. At the end of the 3D design process, our most advanced wheel designs are obtained, free from potential casting defects and providing maximum efficiency.

Design Team

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Rim Studio


ARCEO Wheels are high strength aluminum and silicon alloy wheels that have passed Radial Fatigue, Dynamic Fatigue, Impact, Impact and Corrosion tests in accordance with TSE and ISO standards.


Mold design and mold manufacturing are the most critical stages of the casting process. It has a direct effect on the durability and quality of the product. We produce the highest quality, long-lasting molds by using CNC machines integrated with CAD-CAM software in the casting process carried out by our most experienced team and business partners.


There is a strict quality control at the center of our casting production process, which consists of stages such as melting, low pressure casting, automatic x-ray control, filter emptying. What makes us a pioneer is never forgetting the fact that wheels are a vehicle safety component.


Pressure: All ARCEO models are compatible with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). These measuring devices show the temperature and pressure inside the tire. It processes and sends data so that it can be viewed on the dashboard.

Driving Comfort

Alloy wheels increase driving comfort. With this awareness, our focus is always quality while producing our wheels. Aluminum alloy, as a good conductor of thermal energy, provides the best way to dissipate the heat generated during braking. When designing our ARCEO products, we care about the easy access of air to the rim structure and cooling the disc brake.

Lightness and Performance

The most important advantage of alloy wheels is their durability. Our  main priority is to provide durability and performance at the highest level while producing lightweight wheels. Wheels and tires are vehicle components that are not supported by the suspension. The lighter weight of these components means a better driving experience when accelerating and cornering. In addition, with the lightness, better performance and more economical fuel consumption are provided from the vehicle.


Semi-finished products coming out of the casting process are processed in CNC machines in three stages with high measurement precision according to technical standards. Thus, the defining characteristics of the rim are obtained. 100% assembly dimension controls (PCD, CB) are made at workstations where the wheels are machined on CNC machines. Each wheel is transferred to the cosmetic (pre-paint) operation after undergoing a visual control with 100% tightness and balance test. In this process, processes such as deburring and brushing are performed to obtain surfaces on which the paint will hold at the maximum level against corrosion resistance.


All ARCEO products have the best coating components that the world’s giant manufacturers can supply. Each model is put into production after being subjected to surface strength tests such as Cross-cut, Salt Spray (CASS, NSS), Stone Chip/Chemical Resistance according to international norms, and periodic quality control tests are repeated according to system requirements.


ARCEO wheels; chemical and spectral metallurgical alloy analysis, X-Ray inspection for detection of invisible defects, dynamic fatigue and 13° impact test to recognize the level of mechanical conditions, tightness test, check of geometry parameters, Run-Out balance check, test of rim coating durability and corrosion resistance It takes its final shape by going through the analysis processes of micro and macro structures. Each and every one of the wheels we create is a work of art for us.